Warehouse realestate developer partner.


Strategic location

From logistics point of view this is the ideal place for business activities conducted in Slovenia and CE region with respect to warehousing, distribution, cross-docking and other value ad ...


  • Ljubljana 26 km
  • Koper 127 km
  • Maribor 129 km
  • Vienna 386 km
  • Budapest 465 km
  • Munchen 386 km

Strategic location:

  • Aeroport 300 m
  • Hightway 4,4 km
  • Bus station 300 m
  • Gas station 3,7 km
  • Hospital 8,7 km
  • Shopping 6,4 km
  • Restaurant 300 m
  • Hotel 2,5 km
  • Train station 9,9 km


  • Devepolment opportunity 40.208 m2
  • Built-up area 68.946 km



Warehouse AVAILABLE 2022

Energy-efficient lightning provides just the right lux in just the right location. Recessed LEDs warehouse areas adjust automatically according to daylight intensity. Lightning intesity also varies throughout the warehouse space: corridosr between racks are lit to 150 lux, storage areas 200 lux, and loading dock areas 300 lux.


  • More than 40.000 m2
  • Available year 2022
  • Estimated rental price 6,5 Eur/m2

Halls are constructed of precast frames with modular column grid and a standard clearance height of 12 metres, allowing for maxi-mum mobility.

Steel fibre reinforced concrete floor slabs resist dust and stains. A standard load-bearing capacity of five tons per square metre is ideal for warehouse racking systems and ligh industrial machinery.